What are the benefits for Kettering?

Green infrastructure providing the stimulus and support for economic prosperity:

  • 5,500 new homes & 100 plus acres of employment land able to connect to green combined heat and power (CHP) network
  • The opportunity to deliver sustainable food production through the use of on-site renewable CHP as well as the symbiotic consumption of CO2 (growing produce to capture carbon)
  • Unique green infrastructure to attract growth to the area - local brand partners

Harvesting enough renewable energy to satisfy most of Kettering's electricity requirements

  • Opportunity to partner with public sector organisations to supply to the community with sustainable electricity - price and carbon
  • Opportunity to ensure least cost compliance for organisations under Carbon Reduction Commitment legislation

£113M of private sector investment

  • KEP has already begun to build the development team
  • The scale of proposal requires long term investment ensuring skills and employment are retained locally
  • A significant number of green collar workers investing their salaries locally
  • Security of a sustainable, community scale energy source for the foreseeable future